Lok Sabha voting Phase 4 updates

Prime Minister Modi Encourages Massive Voter Turnout in Lok Sabha Phase 4

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is urging citizens to fulfill their civic duty and fortify the nation’s democratic fabric.

During this crucial phase of the Lok Sabha elections, which coincides with assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, Modi is rallying voters to participate in large numbers, emphasizing the collective responsibility to uphold India’s democracy.

Highlighting the significance of this phase, which encompasses 96 seats across 10 states and Union Territories, Modi expressed confidence in the electorate’s engagement, especially from young and female voters. He called upon citizens to actively contribute towards strengthening democracy by exercising their franchise.

In his communication, Modi underscored the importance of voter turnout, particularly addressing first-time voters in Andhra Pradesh and emphasizing the democratic essence of the electoral process in Odisha. Despite a relatively lower turnout in previous phases compared to 2019, efforts by the Election Commission to augment participation have led to a narrowing gap, reflecting an increasing momentum towards enhanced voter engagement.

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